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A cost effective pre insulated system enabling you to achieve a great Building Energy Rating (BER).

Our Val-U-Frame wall option is factory insulated and closed on the inner face with an airtight membrane and service battens. It is ideal for designs where high levels of airtightness superior u-values and thinner wall build-up’s are desired.

This system utilises 140mm or 183mm studs in combination with a partial fill (PIR) polyisocyanurate insulation between the studs and foil surfaces to optimise performance and minimise cost. The factory fitting of the airtight membrane and battens greatly reduce site works. U-values ranging from 0.15– 0.17 can be achieved. Typically this wall solution suits to achieve current  Building Energy Rating (BER) requirements.

Val-U-Frame  has the following benefits:

  • Improved thermal performance, with a range of insulation and frame thicknesses
  • Val-U-Frame  150 achieves a U-value of 0.17 w/m2K
  • Val-U-Frame  190 achieves a U-value of 0.15 w/m2K
  • Limits wall thickness and maintains existing foundation
  • Services accommodated within service cavity

Internal Wall Options
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Floor Options
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Ceiling Options
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Sloped Roof Options
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Section Through Val-U-Frame (looking from inside)


Section Through Val-U-Frame (looking from outside)

Val-U-Frame EXT

Internal Wall Detail


Internal Wall Detail

Floor Options


Standard Joist Option (Default Option)

Standard Floor Joist




Metal Web Joist Option


 Metal Web Floor

Flat Ceiling

Mineral Fibre (Default Option) Flat Ceiling First Floor Glass Labeled LOW RES

Sloped Roof


Sloped Roof Labeled LOW RES