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Eco Frame

Our Eco-Frame wall option has great eco credentials. The combination of dense pack natural cellulose insulation (i.e. recycled newsprint) and diffusion open (breathable) external sheathing means the timber frame wall can breath and this contributes to good indoor air quality and occupant comfort. Most importantly because the frame materials are diffusion open they eliminate any risk of interstitial condensation and mould growth in the building fabric and provide you with a low energy, cost effective home to live in while reducing the carbon footprint.

Download a brochure of our ECOFRAME here.

It’s a twin stud wall system developed to provide a more thermally efficient and air-tight wall construction. It achieves a u-value of 0.14Wm²/K and when combined with our frame specific roof system detailed below with u-values as low as  0.10Wm²/K the combined envelope is truly exceptional.

The twin stud system ensures that minimal thermal bridging occurs within the construction, which is very important when achieving high levels of insulation performance. Our base wall width giving a u-value of 0.14Wm²/K is 282mm which includes 12mm diffusion open sheeting board to the external face.  270mm cellulose insulation is dense pumped around and between the studs with an air- tightness membrane, 38mm service cavity and internal lining board to complete.

We adopt a fabric first approach to the building using principals of minimal thermal bridging and good air tightness together with high levels of thermal insulation to provide you with a cost effective solution that continues to save energy throughout the whole lifetime of the building.

Key Benefits of the Eco-Frame system for your Timber Frame Home

    • U – value of 0.14W/m2K giving greater thermal efficiency
    • Breathable wall system
    • Natural insulation throughout, which reduces the presence of  VOCs  (Volatile organic compounds) within your home
    • Reduced thermal bridging
    • Air tightness solution typically achieves less than 1 ac/h (air changes per hour)
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Improved acoustic performance
    • Proven system performance
    • Off site construction

Internal Wall Options
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Floor Options
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Ceiling Options
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External Cladding

Our frames can be clad in a variety of different materials, block is most common, however other materials such as stone, brick, wood fibre or wood wool boards and cement boards with a  render system are also an option, as is finished with a durable timber cladding such as larch or cedar.

Section Through Eco-Frame (looking from inside)

External timber frame wall with cellulose insulation and diffusion opening sheathing board.

Section Through Eco-Frame (looking from outside)

 Eco Frame Extermal View Labeled LOW RES

Internal Wall Detail

Internal Wall Detail

Floor Options

Standard Joist Option (Default Option)

Standard Floor Joist

Metal Web Joist Option

Metal Web Floor

Flat Ceiling

Sloped Roof