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Sunday 11th May, 2014

Airtightness Test

Surpasses Passive House requirment of .6 ACH/hr

Tom Loughran and Archie O’Donnell of Integrated Energy conducted two air-tightness tests on our SuperFrame low energy timber frame building in Ennis He says: “The preliminary test in May 2012 achieved a result of 0.62 ACH/hr . The dwelling was under construction at the time but most of the air permeability measures had just been installed a number of weaknesses were identified and reworked. The final test was conducted in July 2012, when the dwelling was fully constructed. This was both pressurization and a depressurization test, achieving an average result of 0.51 Ach/hr. Tom said “It is an exceptional result and in excess of some of the best dwellings I have tested previously.”